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Chateau Royal is a real estate company providing realty services to clients, home-owners and tenants who value exclusive royal experience. We are positioned to provide technology driven innovative services and products across real estate investment, real estate brokerage and real estate development. The core of our expertise is the residential Real Estate market we have control over where we possess vast lands throughout Lagos, Abuja and other parts of the world so as to provide our clients the opportunity to feel and enjoy our presence anywhere they find themselves.

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Millennials, invest affordably in real estate even on your 150k, 200k 9-5 Salary

Now we pretty much know that investing in real estate, especially in a city like Lagos, can dig...

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by Chateauroyalng

The ABC’s of Buying a Home

This conversation gets revisited so often, not just because of the multitudes of times this...

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by Chateauroyalng

The Future of Lagos | Real Estate Advice

Often times we dream of what we would look like when we are grey and old, we get curious about...

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by Chateauroyalng


Monopoly has been a classic board game for over 100 years. It’s a real estate trading game...

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by Chateauroyalng
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