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Neighbourhood features that attract young earning millennials and young couples

Neighbourhood features that attract young earning millennials and young couples

It’s no secret that millennials and young couples are becoming a catchy target market for real estate professionals. If you are looking to sell to millennials, it’s important to know what they’re looking for in a property. But features of a neighborhood—such as access to public transportation, shops and eateries—can be just as important to a potential homeowner’s decision as features of the home.

Here are some features that heighten a sense of intrigue for this demography when it comes to ideal homes and neighbourhood:


1. A Sense of Community
In today’s busy society, it is hard to make new friends. Communities that embrace the desire to feel a sense of belonging and provide opportunities for people to connect with each other will have a stronger pull.


2. Transportation Options
Transit is becoming more and more important as millennials are no longer content with the rigour and inflexibility of driving, but would rather opt for places with vibrant car and bike ride services to get to their destinations in relative time, and as well as the convenience of hopping from place to place.


3. A Curated Lifestyle
People are becoming accustomed to curating every detail of their lives to be aesthetically pleasing and match the lifestyle they are creating for themselves. Local spots and pop-ups should strive to meet those new millennial expectations.


4. Conveniently Located Amenities
It is now clear that with the current fast paced nature of things, many millennials and younger couples are looking for convenience in all its forms. We’re all so strapped for time and want easy dining, shopping, schools, recreation. Location is key. How far to the grocery store? Can my kids walk to school? Can we enjoy a great meal with friends that doesn’t require a long car ride?


5. Plenty of Nearby Attractions
The prospect of not having to get back into the car after the work week seems to be a common dream of many young couples these days. It’s no longer how much you have but where you have it. Access to breweries, restaurants, shopping and more is enticing the younger generations to give up square footage for convenience and many developers, in a lot of urban settings, are happy to accommodate.


6. Neighborhood Identity
Many young city buyers today seek a lifestyle that is modern and on the move. They want a distinct neighborhood identity to own and reflect that, which is surrounded by big urban infrastructure. Personal preferences vary but bike ride apps and taxi ride shares are a big focus for buyers seeking a short commute in exchange for more balance in life. Convenience wins over extravagance these days.



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