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Clutter and Why it’s the Enemy When Selling Your Home

Clutter and Why it’s the Enemy When Selling Your Home

There are times when investing in a new home is dependent on selling your old home, or the one you currently own. We get that not everyone wants to acquire various properties and become landlords with facility managers managing their numerous real estate assets, some people just want a sweet real estate deal that takes the face of owning just one home. Others for reasons of moving to a different terrain permanently just have to sell. So, what do you have to be on the lookout for when you’re not buying, but selling a home?

Whether you bought a starter home or what you hoped would be a forever home, circumstances change. One thing that doesn’t change though, is the inevitable expansion that occurs when you become a homeowner.

A great way to ensure that your home sells faster by revealing your home in its most glorious form and with all the value it offers is by decluttering. Here are the many ways this can help you sell:


Your home should be the canvass for the buyers’ imagination: Buyers need to imagine themselves in your space to buy it and let’s face it: your most treasured bits and pieces may not mean so much to them, so it’s better if it gets out of the way. Make room for them so they can picture their lives in what might soon be their home rather than yours.  Keep highly personal and especially religious or political affiliated items away from sight during the selling process so that buyers can imagine the space as theirs, and be most likely moved to make a quick offer. Clutter makes it hard to think.


 Preserve the line of focus for the buyer: The key area of focus for buyers who want to purchase your home is the structure and bone of the home itself: its current condition, floor plan, etc. You want them to look at the space, appreciate its best features and become convinced of its potential for their family.

They don’t need to see the place swaddled up with extra seating that doesn’t highlight your home as spacious, family photos and puzzling items, these are all distractions. You don’t want potential buyers to become so intrigued (or puzzled) by the things you’ve collected—none of which they’ll be purchasing—that they don’t actually register the house itself to mind.


Sell them on space: There’s probably no such thing as too much space, so by all means do put out spacious vibes in the home you’re about to sell. Get rid of extra seating, leave closets sparingly empty, throw out expired and unwanted stuff in the pantry and kitchen cabinets and storage areas. In doing this, you set the stage for the illusion for the space, a good check always in the box of good-to-go homes.

However, don’t leave your home buyers with nowhere to seat when they do come in to check the home out. Put your best foot forward when it comes to the presentation of your home, and remove all faded and worn out items, even if it’s furniture, before potential buyers view the home.


Maximize kitchen counter space: When you leave the kitchen counter space plain, neat, and empty, it creates vision boards for imagination for potential buyers. So, tuck all the blenders, toasters, coffeemaker and smoothie makers away from plain sight. Maybe put up a vase of fresh flowers for aesthetics and the right dose of airy, fresh appeal. Help your potential buyers believe they’re going to be transformed into phenomenal hosts when they buy your home by giving them the visual space they need.


Don’t set yourself up for a no even before the home has shown: Cluttered homes make potential buyers uneasy, because a cluttered home is visually unappealing, cumbersome and tedious to look at, how much more like or fall in love with. Viewing someone else’s occupied home is slightly uncomfortable for most people. Clutter is not only a distraction; it makes your home look uncared for. This can make potential buyers start to ask themselves, “if they haven’t taken care of their possessions, what other problems are brewing here?” You could lose an offer if this kind of vague doubt sets in.


Give your home show its time in the sun: Let’s face it—you’re selling your home, not the couch and coffee table. Nothing else should still your home’s shine. By getting rid of clutter and replacing it with neutral but stylish accessories, you lead the buyer’s eye to the features of your home that are its true selling points. That means you’re going to get a quicker sale and a higher price than if you make a potential buyer struggle to see your home’s merits.


We’re not just for you buying lands, homes, or properties. When you need to sell, we’ve got you too, with tips and mechanisms that get you where you need to be faster. We’re your go-to guys, and we’re thrilled to be all of this and more for you!







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