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Chateau Royal Real Estate Limited is a well-established functional family-oriented real estate development firm with traditional values of reliability and responsibility.

  • We provide bespoke real estate service
  • We offer real estate advisory services.
  • We build and construct houses


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Fidelis Nwankwo
Eric Ajayi

I came across Chateau Royal via google, I called in with many questions and I got valid responses to my questions which prompted the decision to Buy

I have a great real estate company in chateau royal real estate limited

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Halleyine Residence



Swimming Pool

A massive Swimming Pool is located just behind the Children Playground with a custom-designed Dressroom for Male & Female to dress-up. The pool is about 5 feets deep and can entertain more then 18 people (Safety Standards Recommended).


Shopping Mart

Residents of Halleyvine can always come get essential needs from the 24-Hour Shopping Mart


Gym Complex

Keeping in mind the need to be physically fit. The Infrastructure houses a Gym with nessesary equipments for interested residents.

We pride ourselves in only delivering the best of modern architecture to all our estates from the focus on environmental…

Our spaces are well thought through to offer investors good return on investment.

Top of the range products that deliver results and making some clients enjoy their investment

At Chateau Royal we just don’t want to give you an impressive address, we also stand for convenience we offer…

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