COVID-19 hit humanity so hard!
At the early stages of the pandemic outbreak, an average man couldn’t risk helping his neighbour for the fear of the unascertained. The “social-being” that defines us as a people became a red flag, for the fear of the unknown. A house arrest became the only way to stay healthy, for the fear of the mysterious. We put all focus on the body while the most, if not the only, attacked part was ignored – The Human Mind.

We suddenly realized that being contained and confined kills faster than having to fight every day in order to see the next. We then understood that death or life is the choice of the mind, not the body. We then decided it was time we went back to normalcy. But businesses and organizations were nose-diving into a total relapse. Companies had just one option: reduce your overhead; cut costs.

Chateau Royal Real Estate Ltd contemplated staff downsizing, staff salaries cancellation, an extension of project delivery dates, disengagement with partners and consultants, but none of this happen because you said NO.

You made payments in a time when you were making lesser. You picked our calls and cheered us up while we go through the same battles. You simply turned a loss-bound situation to a success story for us.
We had our first-ever physical allocation of Maplewoods Plus; directly opposite La Campagne Tropicana Ibeju Lekki, on Saturday, October 3, 2020. Land allocations at Rubyfields, Maplewoods, and Maplewoods 2, all in Ibeju Lekki, are also scheduled for this month. We are launching four more projects even this month: two at Epe, one at Sangotedo and the fourth at NorthBrooks, Mowe. None of these would have crossed our minds but for your patience and support for us.

It’s an exciting moment for us having you as a partner. We want you to know how much we appreciate you. You have been loyal and dependable for the last years. You have experienced difficult times, yet you have never given us any reason to be concerned over your commitment to us surviving and thriving.
For the trust and confidence, you have in us, we say a big thank you. I hope it’s an exciting moment for you too. Do enjoy the rest of the month.


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Chateau Royal Real Estate Limited is a well-established functional family-oriented real estate development firm married with traditional values of reliability and responsibility.

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